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Health Books, The Simple Soybean and Your Health by Mark Messina, PhD, Virginia Messina, RD, and Kenneth Setchell, PhD


The Simple Soybean and Your Health: How Soyfoods can lower your cholesterol and reduce your risk of heart disease and cancer.

Soyfoods are fast becoming an important staple in the healthiest of diets. Substances almost exclusively found in soyfoods have been shown to reduce the risk of breast, colon, and prostate cancer. There is also strong evidence that soy protein directly lowers "bad" cholesterol levels--perhaps as effectively as cholesterol-lowering drugs. But there are many other healthful benefits of eating soyfoods, and The Simple Soybean and Your Health shows you how easily these foods can be added to your diet for optimal health.

The Simple Soybean and Your Health looks at the many amazing nutritional advantages provided by soyfoods, highlighting the latest studies that have found soyfoods helpful in preventing many forms of cancer, heart disease, and osteoporosis, and in controlling diabetes. In addition, the reader is provided with a guided tour of a wide range of soyfoods, including tofu, tempeh, miso, soynuts, soymilk, and much more. And there are over fifty delicious kitchen-tested recipes to help make the transition to soyfoods an easy one.

While the simple soybean may not be a magic bullet, it is a readily available, economical, natural food source that can effectively lower your risk of cancer and heart disease, and enhance your health. Let The Simple Soybean and Your Health guide you to the many benefits, uses, and good tatstes of soyfoods. 260 pages.

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